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Travelling to Australia

Travelling to Australia

Immigration and Visas

All travellers, except New Zealand citizens, must obtain a visa or electronic travel authority before travelling to Australia.

Entering or leaving Australia - Immigration, Customs and Biosecurity (Quarantine) clearances

The Australian Border Force, an operational agency under the Home Affairs Portfolio, manages the security and integrity of Australia’s borders. It works with other Government and International agencies to detect and deter unlawful movement of goods and people across the border. Information for travellers can be found here.

If you bring wildlife souvenirs or products into or out of Australia, make sure you do it legally. If in doubt - check it out!

Note to travellers to Australia - Changes to Australia’s duty-free concession for tobacco

From 1 July 2019, the way tobacco can be brought into Australia has changed, see Prohibited goods - Tobacco.

From 1 July 2017, you can bring 25 grams of tobacco in any form (cigarette, loose leaf, etc.), equivalent to approximately 25 cigarettes, plus an open packet, for each traveller 18 years or older, regardless of whether you are travelling as a passenger or crew member.

For more information on Australian duty free concessions see here.  


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Tourism Weblinks

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Tourist Refund Scheme

The Tourist Refund Scheme enables you to claim a refund, subject to certain conditions, of the goods and services tax (GST) and wine equalisation tax (WET) that you pay on goods you buy in Australia.

New Arrivals

gateway to information ranging from citizenship, health, settlement help for migrants, working conditions to buying a home in Australia.

Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Australia

Jobs in Australia

This Australian mission is not able assist people in finding employment in Australia.

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